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S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT ! ! Sound familiar? Ring any bells? Well if you were around in the 70's and a young teenage girl, you'd certainly recognize this song. It was a huge hit for a group of lads from Scotland. Come on, you know who I'm talking about - the Bay City Rollers.

Their pictures were plastered all over my bedroom walls. I was constantly playing their records from beginning to end, then I'd start over from the beginning again. It got to the point where my mom threatened to toss them out the window. Did I listen? Did I stop playing them constantly? NOT ON YOUR LIFE ! ! !

My girlfriends and I would congregate in each other's bedrooms and pour over the most recent copy of 16 Magazine, Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, or any other magazine where we could read up on our favorite guys. We'd cut out all pictures and pull out the posters. We would then immediately tape them to our bedroom walls.

Eric Faulkner was my favorite. He was the blue-eyed guitar player with a very thick scottish brogue. I mean, how could any teenage girl not fall in love with those bluest of blue eyes, along with that gorgeous face, and spikey brown hair. Every picture would just make us sigh.


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